History of Augusta Township
by Taylor C. Woodward

1965 & 1966

  The Taylor Woodward Family

The Taylor Woodward Family

Seated are Taylor and Emma
along with their sons,
Austin and John
(Photo provided by Joseph W. Eisel)

In making a research on the early history of Augusta Township, we find much history and local events have not been recorded and unless recorded on paper, will be lost in time, as history when passed down from one generation to another usually, gradually becomes changed unintentionally.

This history having been compiled from various sources, from Henry Howe's History of Ohio, from a Commemorative Biographical History of Harrison and Carroll Counties, Peter Herold's history of Carroll County, Edwin Ferrell's history on Carroll County, H. H. Hardesty Atlas of Carroll County, Judge Eckley's history of Carroll County, from early county papers and from the records in Columbiana County.

I am indebted to the personnel of our County Recorder, Auditor, Treasurer and Engineer's offices for their permission and assistance in obtaining records, also to the different ones who contributed the church records, and to all who contributed any part.

Several of our Senior Citizens have passed away since this research was started, they all having added a part to this from memory. Realizing that much history has been left out, and knowing that many are better qualified and could have written a better history. Any one having anything on the early history of Augusta Township or Augusta which should be in this record, will be thankfully received and may be added later, if reported.

A sincere thanks to all,

Taylor C. Woodward