History of Augusta Township
by Taylor C. Woodward


The following taken from the Carroll County Chronicle of March 22, 1878:

The undersigned take great pleasure in announcing to the public, that they have procured the services of Prof. T. B. Sawvel as Principal of the Augusta Select School, located at Augusta, Carroll County, Ohio.

Besides the ordinary studies, Natural Science, Literature and History, the English Etymology and method of teaching will receive careful attention, preparatory to actual labor of the schoolroom.  In all, the aim will be thoroughness.

Also a department of Music, Vocal and Instrumental, Piano, organ and Violin.  Tuition for term of 12 weeks, $8.00.  Instrumental music alone, 1 lesson per week (12) lessons, $6.00.  1 lesson per week, including school tuition, $10.00.  Arrangements have been made for boarding, ladies $2.00, and gentlemen $2.50 per week: rooms for self boarding at reasonable rates.

Prof. Sawvel is a gentleman eminently qualified for the duties incumbent upon the wide awake teacher, and will endeavor to make the school a success.  Gentlemen and ladies desiring to prepare themselves for the profession of teaching, will find this a rare opportunity for that purpose.

The location of Augusta being in one of the most healthy regions, sufficiently removed from the bad influences of our public thoroughfares, the moral and religious tone of society, and the fact that intoxicating liquors are not sold in our village, render Augusta a suitable location for a school of the above character.  The spring term of the school will commence on the 1st day of April and close on the 21st day of June (A.D.) 1878.

J. B. Roach, George Gans, T. B. Culp, J. T. Morland, School Committee.

The following taken from the Carroll County Chronicle of June 14, 1878:

The closing exercises of the Augusta Select School will take place Friday next, in Crawford's Grove.  Miss Lizzie McLean of Augusta, will read the Valedictory Essay, and Judge McCoy will deliver the closing address.  The fall term of the School will commence on the 2nd of Sept. and continue twelve weeks.