History of Augusta Township
by Taylor C. Woodward

(As given at the time of the Centennial Celebration June 14, 1942)

The first Christian Church in the community was an old structure known as the Baker Church, located at Glade Run Corners.  Later, the Disciples in the vicinity of Augusta held their meetings in a Manfull barn.

In 1842, the old Stone Church was built.  The floor was built on an incline which faced the pulpit and the entrance on the west. 

  Augusta Christian Church

Augusta Christian Church,
Reflecting "Son" light at dawn, as seen from the orchard

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The land grant was recorded in 1845, a gift of George and Mary Manfull William Manfull, George Manfull, William Elvin and Washington Iddings were trustees of the first church of the Disciples of Christ in Augusta.  No formal records were kept of the proceedings of the church until Dec. 9, 1887, but we do know from various family histories, of some of the happenings.

The ministers of this period were circuit riders.  One of the earliest was Eli Riggle, followed by Rev. Beaumont, Strawn, Sloan, Maxwell, Sprague, Hart, Moore and Dray.  The baptistry was built in a run on the Sheckler farm, now known as the Frantum farm.  The minister and those that were to be baptized dressed in the Sheckler home.  The bell for the old stone church was donated by this family, and is still in use today.

In 1881, the church was rebuilt, using the stone from the old church in building the foundation for the new one, but this time, facing the south.  In 1887, the Church was incorporated under the formal title "Christian Church of Augusta."  The men who signed the corporation papers were Jonathan Milbourn, Roland Pennock, John L. Dowling, Samuel Milbourn, and Sutton Cunningham.

In 1929-30, the church was remodeled and redecorated.  The archway lights were donated by Mrs. Sidney Rowley.  Since that time, new windows have been added, and the interior of the church was repainted.  Mrs. James Amerman of Canton made a gift of new carpeting and a Bible.  the church has been an influence for good, not only in this community, but in neighboring communities.

At the time of the Centennial Celebration in 1942, the following were:

  Augusta Christian Church

Augusta Christian Church

ELDERS:  Embert Leatherberry, Orvie McMillen, K. O. Manfull, Royal Manfull, Pearl Miller, William Lutz, O. N. Long (deceased.)

DEACONS:  A. D. Thompson, Gilbert W. Harsh, Jay Owen, Floyd Walters, Jr., Everett Leatherberry, Ralph Sheckler.

DEACONESSES:  Rhoda Leatherberry, Myrna Leatherberry, Laura Manfull.

TRUSTEES:  Wilbur Roudebush (Chairman), A. D. Thompson, Jay Owen, Ralph Sheckler, Charles Leatherberry.

TREAS.:  Jay OwenRoyal Manfull, Chairman of Officers.


PRES. - CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR:  Erla Leatherberry.


CLERK:  Pearl Cameron.

PASTOR:  Lawrence Ray.